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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions you to my website.

For further questions, just use my contact form.


What does the registration cost?

Registration and membership is absolutely free at!

There are no hidden subscription. The only way for you to spend money, is the manual booking of credits.

What happens to my data?

Your data is treated confidentially and anonymously both during registration, bookings and later at Credit is always 100%. The cash settlement is through a reputable payment service. I have no access to your personal information except your email address.

Also appear exclusively booking neutral texts on your bank statements!

I'm here to subscribe?

No at there's no subscription!
Either now or later.

It is also not possible that recurring payments are debited from your account.

How can I cancel?

You need for me to never terminate, since there is no subscription here!

If you still wish to completely delete your account, please click here.

What does it cost direct contact with Chris on Natural

You can contact me here on my website for free and without further cost to get in touch and exchange free messages with me.


What cost me the videos, pictures and live cam on

The prices vary according to my videos video length. To find out what a video costs, just click on the video to find out price and video length.

The images will also vary according to the quantity / quality. Simply click on a picture set to find out exactly what it costs.

Online prices and times to my hardcore livecam click here.


Can I return the page with my smartphone?

Of course, this also works. Videos, my blog, shop, mail system, etc. work on all popular mobile devices running iOS and Android properly. Only the cam can not currently use with mobile devices.

How often can I view the images from the photo gallery?

You can watch online or save to your hard drive and view unlimited images.


How many times can I watch the videos?

You can buy all my videos under the menu "Video Library" and then you watch unlimited in your account. - A lifetime.

What are credits?

Your balance you can recharge by buying credits. Here, equivalent to 100 credits - € 1.00.

Simply click on your Coinaccount - buy credit - and you'll get the chance to recharge your account. The credits purchased by you will be credited immediately after charging on your credit account.


The following options for charging credit I offer

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Online Banking (immediate transfer)
Direct debit with Telefonpin
Phone / Cell
Advance / bank transfer



Not at I ship a maximum of 1x a week a newsletter for general advertising and marketing campaigns, public holidays or important updates.

The newsletter can be canceled at any time using a link in the email advertising.




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